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First Folio's "Unnecessary Farce" Is a Laugh a Minute!

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Since Mayor Meekly (Dale Benson) is suspected of embezzling sixteen million dollars from the city, inept police officers Eric Sheridan (Kevin McKillip) and Billie Dwyer (Erin Noel Grennan) are conducting an undercover sting operation (except Billie forgets and wears her uniform). A gorgeous accountant, Karen Brown (Molly Glynn), will be meeting with the Mayor in one room while the police monitor the video from the room next door.

The Mayor arrives early (in fact, so early he saw Billie in the lobby) and almost walks in on Eric and Karen having a tender moment. Eric hides, but before Karen and the Mayor can talk, Agent Frank (Raymond Fox) interrupts the meeting to do a ‘security sweep’ of the room.

Agent Frank, who knows more than he should, confesses to Karen that the Scottish Clan (clan with a “C”), run by the Big Mac, controls all the crime in this city. The Clan’s killer, Todd, also known as the Highland Hit Man, or the Scotsman, plays the bagpipes before he kills his victims.

In a riotous scene, the Mayor walks in on a riot under the covers (Eric joins Karen and Agent Frank for a wrestling match). When Agent Frank and Eric are revealed, the Mayor, making an assumption, tells them not to worry, his administration supports all lifestyles.

When the bad guy, Todd (Joe Foust) arrives to ‘clean up’ the mess at the hotel, Billie walks in on him, so he takes her gun and tries to shoot her, but the gun turns out to be a water pistol (Billie didn’t do very well in guns at the academy). Watch for Todd’s brogue – when it gets unintelligible, Billie can translate!

Meanwhile, Mary Meekly (Jeannie Affelder), the Mayor’s wife, keeps wandering in and out, looking for her husband, she says.

In another hilarious scene, there’s a four gun standoff with two good guys and two bad guys circling around the room, even going up and over the bed when suddenly they reverse direction.

I loved “Unnecessary Farce.” It’s definitely going to be a Chicago hit. “Unnecessary Farce” runs through March 4th at First Folio Theatre which makes its home in Mayslake Hall at the Peabody Estate, 31st St. & Rt. 83, Oakbrook. Performances are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 3:00. Tickets range from $30-$37 with special discounts for Students and Seniors. FYI (630) 986-8067 or