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Indiana Quick Quiz

  1.     Indiana has how many counties?quiz
  2.     What is the official state snack of Indiana?
  3.     In what year did Indiana celebrate its bicentennial? 

Answers Below 


1828     Bids were offered for construction of sections of Brookville State Road.  This was a primary route for goods and people moving from Ohio to Indianapolis and beyond.  Congress authorized the 78-mile state road in 1821, running from the Ohio border to Indianapolis through Brookville in Franklin County.


Picture of Author1900     Miriam Mason Swain was born in Goshen.  She was a magazine editor and teacher for a few years before moving to Batesville.  There she settled into a career as a popular author of children's books.  Among her 50 titles are Smiling Hill FarmThe Gray-Nosed Kitten, and A Pony Called Lightning.


File:Indiana Theatre (Terre Haute, Indiana) 9.jpg - Wikimedia Commons1922     The Indiana Theater opened in Terre Haute.  The first program for the new "movie palace" was a silent film entitled Cappy Ricks.  Music for the motion picture was provided by the Indiana Symphonic Orchestra.  


Linton IN coal mine disaster... - RareNewspapers.com1931     An explosion at the Little Betty Mine in Linton, Indiana, killed 28 miners.  Authorities determined that the blast had been triggered by methane gas.  Indiana Governor Harry G. Leslie was among the many who came to help in rescue and relief efforts.


Locals say the '78 blizzard packed more punch | Local news |  kokomotribune.com1978     The "blizzard of '78" paralyzed much of the state.  Blowing snow, ice, and snow drifts made travel nearly impossible and closed many schools.  Winds gusted to 55 mph, and snow was 20 inches deep in areas.


2013     A headstone was placed on the grave of Dr. Samuel Elbert at Crown Hill Cemetery over 100 years after his death.  He is considered to be the first African American physician in Indiana.


Hoosier Quote of the Week

"No one is indispensable, but some people are awful hard to get along without."   ---Roger Branigin (1902-1975) 

Born in Franklin, Indiana, Roger Branigin graduated from Franklin College and earned a law degree from Harvard University.  He was Governor of Indiana from 1965 to 1969. 


Answers:   1.  92    2.  Popcorn    3.  2016

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