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  1. Name the former Indianapolis resident who is the subject of a new Netflix movie entitled "Self-Made."
  2. Identify the actress from Fort Wayne who played the role of Diane Chambers in a very popular sitcom.
  3. Who was the singer, dancer, actress from Dale, Indiana, best remembered as TV Mom Carol Brady?

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April 4, 1968     Robert F. Kennedy, in Indianapolis on a campaign tour, announced the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to a crowd at 17th and Broadway.  His impassioned plea for peace on that night is considered one of the greatest addresses of the 20th Century.  (Pictured:  The Landmark for Peace sculpture in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Park, site of the historic speech.)



1863     Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton was in Washington, D. C., to visit soldiers of the Army of the Potomac.  He made speeches to the Indiana regiments and was received with great enthusiasm.  Morton had been working closely with President Abraham Lincoln in the state's involvement in the Civil War.  While in the city, Morton collected federal reimbursements of $90,000 which would help in the continued operation of state government.  


Hoosier cabinet

1904     A furniture store in Argos, Indiana, advertised a Hoosier Cabinet on sale for $11.00.  Indiana was home to a number of companies which manufactured free-standing kitchen cabinets which served several functions:  cupboard for plates, cups, and silverware, work table, storage bin, and flower sifter.  The "Hoosier" brand models were made in New Castle.  



Did You Know?

     During the late 19th century and into the 20th, any well-equipped kitchen in America probably contained a "Hoosier cabinet."  In the day before built-in kitchen cabinets, the "Hoosier" fit the bill with plenty of storage for plates, cups, saucers, and silverware.  There was also a built-in work table and flour-sifter.  Wire racks inside the doors provided space for jars and other containers. These popular cabinets, usually  made of oak,  were all called "Hoosier," although the only ones of that particular brand came from New Castle.  The Hoosier brand slogan was "The Kitchen Cabinet That Saves Miles of Steps."  In the peak years around 1920, the Hoosier factory in New Castle produced  nearly 700 cabinets a day.   There were other makers, too, and many of them were in Indiana.  Among the other nameplates were Sellers, manufactured in Elwood, McDougall, made in Indianapolis, Boone, from Lebanon, and Ariel, the Handy Kitchen Helper  built in Peru.  The advent of built-in kitchen cabinets, at about the same time as the Great Depression, led to the demise of nearly all of the varieties of "Hoosier" cabinets.   Today, they are antiques desired by collectors and those who need a little more storage in their 21st century kitchen.  




1920     The four Republican candidates for the upcoming Presidential election were making campaign tours through Indiana.  Ohio Senator Warren G. Harding spoke at a rally in Richmond, along with California Senator Hiram Johnson.  Ohio Governor Frank Lowden, also a candidate, spoke at a gathering at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis.  The fourth candidate, Major General Leonard Wood, also toured Indiana on the eve of the primary election.  Harding went on to win the nomination and the election.  


statue1931     Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne and six others were killed in the crash of a private plane in Kansas.  Over 300,000 mourners lined the streets of South Bend as the funeral procession moved to the Sacred Heart Church on the Notre Dame campus.  (Pictured:  The statue of Knute Rockne on the campus of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend.)



1948     The Mercury Records "Caravan of Stars" performed at the Murat Theater in Indianapolis.  At the top of the bill was Frankie Laine, along with Helen Hume, Flip Phillips, Buck Clayton, and the Mercury All-Star Orchestra.  The show was emceed by city deejay Easy Gwynn.  A local reviewer observed that the evening proved that recording artists "must be seen as well as heard to be fully appreciated."



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What They Say About Indiana

" Indiana, a lovely name, musical and lingering upon the tongue.  It is a beautiful state, in many ways the most typical of our entire country."  - - - Pearl S. Buck


ANSWERS:  1.  Madam C. J. Walker  2.  Shelley Long                3.  Florence Henderson


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